Agfa was one the first manufacturers of cameras to follow Kodak after the launching of the 110 film.
Agfa is one of some to propose cameras and 110 film.
The 110 film declination of the 126 film instamatic, despite a lot of hope and some beautiful machines (Pentax Auto110, Rollei A 100) is now completely on the decline. The APS film now replaces it.

The family of Agfamatic pocket is characterized by a very good manufacture, they comprise all a tripod socket, which serves to screw the strap, an orange resilient pad - the 'sensor' and destined for minimize the moved, one of defects of 110 camera

The film is advanced Minox-style (Minox B and C) by pushing the end of the camera in and out - the moving body section also extends around the front to protect the lens & viewfinder.
The body is mainly black plastic, with a few metal components both internally and externally - the body end & cover section is in brushed aluminum, with a couple of extra aluminum trims on the main body.
The shutter and speed switch are on the top panel, and a slide-lock to hold the body closed when not in use.

These cameras continue to work twenty-five years after they were produced, proof of a quality and an exceptional steadiness

Agfa Agfamatic 2000 pocket

(1974) Lens: fixed-focus "Color Agnar" of unknown focal length, possibly 26mm. The instructions claim a focus range from about 1.2 meters / 4 feet to infinity.