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The compact camera Nikon 35 Ti has a special place in my own camera collection. This fair camera is a unique luxury 135 compact camera manufactured by Nikon.
In 1983, Nikon has launched its first compact camera that was designed by Giugiaro and called Nikon L35 AF. This camera has already a 35 mm Nikkor open to 2,8.
Ten years after, The Nikon 35 Ti was launched. With its titanium body, its analogical display (as a Swiss watch) and with fabulous lens I have a real pleasure to take picture.
Its price in 1993, when it came on the market was near of 1100 $, today, we may find it for 670 $.

Nikon 35Ti
Nikon 35Ti

"This elegant class of camera combines advanced features and Nikon SLR image quality with a compact, lightweight, titanium body. The 35Ti features a superb Nikkor 35mm f/2.8 lens. This camera boasts 6-segment 3D Matrix Metering, advanced flash systems, programmed auto-exposure, built-in data imprint, plus standard and panorama formats. A unmatched sum of quality, performance and features.
The Ti series' comprehensive optical system represents a major advance in camera design. The 35mm provides a traditional view that's ideal for pictures of people. The lens automatically retracts into the camera body for protection while traveling.""

The analogical display panel is very useful and pleasant to use. With a quick looking, you have all information about speed and aperture, distance, number of pictures .. given by several needles. This display panel will never be used on another luxury camera and gives to this model an old fashion aspect.
Two years after the Nikon 35 Ti, the Nikon 28 Ti was designed, with the same characteristics and body but with a Nikkor lens of 28mm.

Nikon 35Ti


- Advanced Nikon features in a lightweight, durable titanium body
- Built-in Nikkor 35mm f/2.8 lens with integrated optical coating for sharp, clear photos
- Built-in flash
- 6-segment 3D Matrix Metering and Center-Weighted metering (75/25 balance) provide 3D matrix-balanced fill-flash
- Virtually stepless autofocus AF systems
- Standard and panorama formats switchable mid-roll at the flip of a switch
- Top shutter speed 1/500 sec.; automatic long time exposures up to 10 minutes
- Illuminated analog information display
- Automatic single-frame film advance
- Two exposure modes - Programmed (P) and Aperture-Priority (A)
- Flexible Program and exposure compensation
- Two-shot self-timer
- Manual focus
- Quartz-date function imprints photos with day/date/time (for data version)
- Custom functions modify operation


Lens 35mm F/2.8 Format 35mm / Panorama Focusing Type Auto Focus,
Manual (Range-Finder) Focusing Range 1.3' To Infinity Metering Type 3-D Matrix,
Center Weighted Exposure Modes Program Ae, Aperture Priority Aperture Range F/2.8 - F/22
Shutter Speed 1/500 - 2 Sec (Long-Time Exposure Up To 10 Minutes) Iso Range 25-5000 (Dx) Flash Auto Flash, Fill Flash, Flash Off, Red-Eye Reduction, Guide Number 30 (Iso-100, Feet).
Flash Range Slides - Iso-100 1.3' - 12.5' Prints - Iso-100 1.3' - 16.4' Iso-400 1.3' - 32.8' Lcd Panel Info Date, Frame Counter, Low Battery Analog Display Infinity Focus Indicator, Long-Time Exposure Counter, Exp. Compensation, Aperture, Film Rewind, Self Timer Remote Control None Self Timer 10-Sec. Delay Exp. Compensation Yes (+/- 2 Stops, In 1/3 Stop Increments). Multi Exposure
No Adj. Diopter No Cont. Shooting No Weather Resistant
No Color Titanium And Black Power Source 123A 3v Lithium Battery Dimensions 4.7 X 2.6 X 1.4" Weight 10.1 oz.

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