News from PMA 2002

A PMA axed on digital photography
The new Nikon D-100

Nikon D100

Dos du Nikon D100

At the PMA 2002, Nikon proposes this new digital SLR camera for the professional and expert photographs : the Nikon D100.

This new camera is based on the N80 body.
It inherits of all the possibilities of this camera : 3D Digital Matrix Image Control for precise exposure control, Five-Area Autofocus with Dynamic AF operation, On-Demand Grid Lines can be displayed in viewfinder, High-performance built-in Speedlight with D-TTL flash control.
It has several exposure modes : Auto-Multi Program (Flexible Program possible), Shutter-Priority Auto, Aperture-Priority Auto and Manual.
The Nikon D100 accepts Nikkor AF-D, AF-G, AF-I and AF-S lenses.

It has a 6.1 million CCD 23.7 x 15.6mm RGB CCD on new one-chip system LSI, probably developed by SONY which allows an image size of 3,008 x 2,000. The lens magnification factor is 1,5.

It has also four levels of sensitivity equal to 200, 400, 800 and 1 600 iso, and the sensitivity can be boosted.
Images can be stored in RAW, Tiff or jpeg on CompactFlash™ (CF) Card (Type I/II) and 512MB/1GB IBM Microdrive™.

Its "shutter" reaches 1/4000 sec and the synchro flash speed is 1/180 sec the motor speed is 3 frames/second during 3 frames in RAW or Ť frames in jpeg.
It may be connected by Plug-and-play USB1.1 interface (not Firewire).
Custom Settings can be selected in the LCD monitor.
This body is compact and light (700 g). Its price may be near 3000 $.



More information  pdf (205 k)

Nikkor 24~85 AF-G

AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200mm

Flash SB-80

Flash SB-30

Flash SB-29

With the D-100, Nikon presents also three new flashes: the powerful SB-80 (56 guideline for 100 iso), the small SB-30 and the macro flash SB-29, evolution of the SB-21 macro flash). Nikon produces also an economical lens the 24-85 mm AF-G that can be used with digital SLR (It is equivalent to 36-128 mm) and presents the prototype of a new AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G IF-ED.


... and the corresponding digital FUJI SLR

On the Fuji stand, we can find another digital SLR camera based on the same Nikon N80 body which received a new another new 6,1 Megapixels CCD, developed by Fuji.
This camera allows all AF-S and AF-D lenses, with or without internal AF motor. This new CCD of 15,5 x 23 mm delivers 4.256 X 2.848 pixels pictures. The Fuji S2 Pro uses SmartMedia and CompactFlash cards (including 1 Go IBM microdrive) both. Images may be transfer to a PC by Firewire IEEE1394 or USB connection. It is possible to drive the S2 body directly through the Firewire link.

Fuji S2 Pro

A new coolpix and a Nikon N55 not very innovative...

Coolpix 2500

Nikon has also introduced two products for mass-market : the new coolpix 2500, which has a pretty original design in two articulated parts. It doesn't have optical finder. This camera has a 1.5-inch TFT LCD monitor, an 3x Zoom-Nikkor lens with 5.6-16.8mm coverage (equivalent to 37-111mm in 35mm [135] camera format), a 2.0 effective megapixels for 1,600 x 1,200-pixel images.

Presented discretely before the PMA 2002, the Nikon N55 is the new SLR camera for the mass market. Nikon want to be a major actor on this profitable market segment and donít leave it to its competitors. The Nikon F55 is compact and light, It has a large 3 segments autofocus and several exposure modes. A 3D-matrix exposure measurement, a built-in flash with red-eyes limitation and a built-in motor that allows a silence mode 1.5 frame per second. It has any TTL synchro, perhaps to let some advantage for N65.
Nothing marvelous but enough to become a best seller..

Nikon N55

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