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Nikon F6 (2004)

Nikon F6 (2004)

poignée MB40

After many rumors, often contradictory Nikon F6 has been presented to Photokina and will be available from October 2004 at the price of 2199 €. It is coming eight years after the F5, as forecasted.

A camera of compromises

Contrarily to previous cameras F, The Nikon F6 arrives in a time where sales of film cameras have collapsed, mainly those of prof cameras, professional photographers are now in majority large equipped some numerical cameras that would have to increase in the future.

Up till now, each new camera series F represented the quintessence of photographic possibilities, with a light increase of the price. Now, few photographers are ready to spend more than 3000 € for a film camera and a lot have privileged the F100 to the F5 for economic reasons.
Nikon had not therefore other choice that to propose a camera in alloy of aluminum with all-weathers norms of construction, rigidity, endurance, resistance to the rain and to dust to be equal or better as the F5 but with a light price.

The Nikon F6 preserves the rewind button but abandons the interchangeable viewfinders that were one distinctive advantage of series F.

It does not seem that multifunction back or 250 views back will be available, it is true that the new LCD display defers the F6 allows many new functions as matrix measurement with the all lenses including AI lenses, as being a data back and to offer the possibility to transfer shooting data with the use of the optional CF reader/recorder MV-1.
The level the construction and its price of NikonF6 positioned it between the Nikon F5 (2990 €) and the Nikon F100 (1800 €). It must without doubt rapidly replace these two cameras.

At time of its retirement, the F5 remains therefore in the race and is without doubting the film camera the most complete ever realized. It is possible that just before its withdrawal, some photographers precipitate to buy it as that it was in the past for the camera F when it was replaced by the F2 in 1971.

Qualities of the Nikon F6

These comments do not occult the great qualities and innovations of the F6, under its reduced volume, it reach 5,5 frames/second and 8 with its grip MB40. It possesses an autofocus Multi-Cam 2000 superfast and precise on 11 zones, with 9 collectors in cross, a new aluminum and kevlar shutter that in fact the very silent camera. It has also 41 customisable functions and allows the I-TTL flash dosage.

At least it has been designed by Guigiaro, as all camera series F since the F3 in 1980

As indicates Chasseur d'Images, " If the pro market and, to a certain extent, experts do not follow, cameras of dream as the F6 are inescapably called to disappear, just as the edible running and services."
The F6 risks therefore being the last of its lineage. It is not acquired that one discovers a Nikon F7 during the Photokina in 2012.BR>

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Nikon F2 (1971)


Nikon F3 (1980)


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Nikon F5 (1996)
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Nikon F6 die-cast body


Main Specifications

Number of frames/second 5.5

Autofocus areas 11

Autofocus system Multi-CAM2000

Autofocus detection areas (at 100 ISO) EV -1 - EV 19

Exposure modes PSAM

Exposure metering Three built-in exposure meters - 3D Colour Matrix, Center-Weighted and Spot

Viewfinder frame coverage Approx. 100%

Custom Settings 41 Custom Settings are available

Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 158 x 119 x 77.5mm (6.2 x 4.7 x 3.1 in.)

Weight (without batteries) Approx. 940g (33.2 oz.)



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