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Canon celebrates the 20th anniversary of its top-selling EOS single lens reflex camera system by announcing the EOS-1D Mark III digital SLR, the world's fastest digital SLR camera. At 10 frames per second, the 10.1 megapixel, it can fire huge motor-driven bursts of 110 large jpegs or 30 raw files because it employs the new Dual Digic III image processor engine.
The all-new 10.1 megapixel, APS-H size CMOS sensor, which is designed and manufactured by Canon. It has also an integrated cleaning system of CCDs and a real continuous view on the 3-inch rear screen.
Available in Spring, the estimated selling price of the new EOS-1D Mark III will be similar to that of its predecessor 4000 $.


Nikon D40x

Nikon presents an upgrade of Nikon D40, The new Nikon D40x has now a 10,2 megapixel CCDs. The sensitivity goes until 1600 Iso ("Hi" 3.200 ISO), the synchro-XX to 1/200s and the motor cadence to 3 i/s instead of 2, it can also record in continu until 100 Jpeg views. Other features are the same as previous model.

Nikon reveals also eight new models of coolpix:

Nikon Coolpix P5000

coolpix P5000

Nikon Coolpix S500

coolpix S500

Nikon Coolpix 50c

coolpix S50c

Nikon Coolpix S200

coolpix S200

Nikon Coolpix L12

coolpix L12

The Coolpix P5000 has a metallic body and 10 million pixels sensor, a stabilized 3.5x zoom and a hot-shoes for an external i-TTL flash.

The Coolpix L10 and L11 replace coolpix L3 and L4. They have respectively, 5 and 6 megapixel CCDs, a zoom (VR) 3x, they use ordinary AA batteries.
The Coolpix L12 has a 7,1 megapixel CCDs, a stabilized 3.x zoom ,an ISO 1600 setting and use also AA batteries

The Coolpix S50 and S50c have a 7,1 megapixel CCDs, a zoom (VR) 3x, an ISO 1600 setting, a large 3-inch screen. The S50C has a Wi-FI connection.
The Coolpix S200 has a 7,1 megapixel CCDs, a zoom 3x with an electronic VR, an ISO 1000 setting, a 2-inch screen.
The Coolpix S500 has the same design, the same 7,1 megapixel CCDs, but with an optical stabilized (VR) zoom, an ISO 2000 setting, a 2,5-inch screen.


Olympus Evolt E-401

Olympus Evolt E-401

Olympus Evolt E-501

Olympus Evolt E-501

image stabilizer unit (SWD system)<BR>Olympus Evolt E-501

système intégré anti-bougé (SWD system)
Olympus E501

Mockup of Olympus P1

Mockup of Olympus P1

While we are waiting the successor of the Olympus E1, which a mockup had been presented to Photokina 2006, it is finally two extremely compact DSLR that Olympus has shown. Olympus Evolt E-510 and Evolt E-410 possess both a 4/3 10-million pixel Live MOS sensor with more advanced Live View function (allow viewing the subjects on the LCD monitor on the back of the main camera body) possible even with the autofocus, the anti-dust system Olympus, a large rear screen ACL of 6,4 cm.
The Olympus Evolt E-410 has a mart design with world’s slimmest, smallest and lightest body of DSLR in the world.
The Olympus Evolt E-510 has an in-body image stabilizer unit by displacement of the CCD. A first for Olympus that rejoins Sony and Pentax, Alone Canon and Nikon propose any DSLR with this function.
Olympus presents also three new lenses with ultrasonic motorization, SWD that allows the alteration from the point without clutch of the AF. A New for Olympus:

  • Zuiko Digital ED 2.8-4.0/12-60 mm (24-120mm) SWD
  • Zuiko Digital ED 2.8-3.5/50-200mm (100-400mm) SWD
  • Zuiko Digital ED 2.0/14-35mm (28-70mm) SWD

  • Olympus is therefore ready for show and launch the new P1, successor of E1 but not available before the summer.


    mock-up Sony high end amateur DLSR

    mock-up Sony high end amateur DLSR
    images from

    mock-up Sony pro DLSR

    mock-up Sony pro DLSR
    images from

    mock-up Sony pro DLSR

    Sony has announced two additions to the Alpha digital SLR range. Sony shows two mock-up models, behind glass, a high end amateur model and a pro model. They will complete the Sony Alpha 100. The first high end amateur model will arrive this year. Both cameras will have new sensors (with Super Steady Shot stabilization) and enhanced Bionz processors. The large viewfinder of Sony pro model will restart rumors on a full format sensor for this model, and may be the same sensor used for a future Nikon.


    new lenses Pentax

    new lenses Pentax

    Pentax completed its APS-C and 645 DLSRs by some new lenses with silent wave motor. The silent wave motor are used by Nikon Canon, Sigma and Olympus, not just for focusing but also to avoid dust. the new DA SDM lenses are:
    Pentax Smc-DA 200mm F2.8 ED [IF] SDM
    A uni-focal super-telephoto lens, with an angle of view equivalent to a 306mm lens in the 35mm format, available may-be in September 2007.
    Pentax Smc-DA 300mm F4 ED [IF] SDM
    A uni-focal super-telephoto lens, with an angle of view equivalent to a 460mm lens in the 35mm format, available may-be in September 2007.
    Pentax Smc-DA 60-250mm F4 ED [IF] SDM
    A super-telephoto zoom lens, with an angle-of-view coverage equivalent to a 92mm-to-383mm zoom lens in the 35mm format, available may-be in December 2007
    Pentax completed its SDM lenses with a new Pentax Smc-DA 35mm F2.8 Macro Limited


    Better Light 416 Meg

    Better Light 416 Meg

    BetterLight, an American firm situated in California, present to the PMA a camera able to capture photographs of 416 Megapixels. The BetterLight Super10K-HS is therefore a monster that asks two minutes to take and process a photograph. The file has a resolution of 10 200 x 13 600 pixels and weighs 794 Mo. It is not really a camera but a back scanning device. The ISO mode is going from 64 to 1000 and it has an internal disc of 40 Go. It is before all destined for the photography of paintings and replies to needs of professionals of this activity. It will be necessary also to pay near of 23 000 $ for this Super10K-HS

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