News from Fotokina 1998

Nikon N60, a missing link

Nikon complete its offer with N60. positioned between N50 and N70. This camera is a simplified version of this last model. Multi programs more specialized programs, with an exposure metering

by 3D Matrix. It has a powerful built-in TTL speedlight guide number : 15, covering the 28mm lens with red eyes reduction of the and low synchro.
The autofocus module is the traditional AM200, the finder is a small HP finder (17mm).
The shutter allows speeds from 30 sec to 1/2000 sec and a " motorization " at one frame per second.

To be complete, the Nikon range should now be completed with a N40 (which represents cheapest but the larger segment of sale) and N80 for expert people.

Other innovations of Fotokina 98, revealed as of July by "Chasseur d'Images" a special version of Nikon F5 should be shortly sold: the Nikon F5 version birthday.

This camera is a special version for celebrate the fiftieth birthday of the first Nikon, Nikon I in March 1948.
This camera retrieves the Nikon logo of his ancestor and possesses a hood gray metal. The other features are similar to the normal camera.
This special version will be built only in 2000 copies.

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