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Irving Penn
American photographer

Irving Penn, born June 16, 1917 in Plainfield, New Jersey, and died on October 7, 2009 in Manhattan, is a great photographer of fashion and beauty, famous for his portraits and still lifes.
He is the brother of filmmaker Arthur Penn and the husband of Lisa Fonssagrives.
Irving Penn has always stayed true to studio photography. The person occupies a major place in his work. For him, the personality of the model holds an important place in his fashion photography, so that his images are very close to the portrait.

In his fashion photos, especially for Vogue, his series seem individually framed around the personality of the model, until the relaxation of the pose and clothing in his images of the 1950s almost makes us forget that fashion photography, if not the slight but recurrent accentuation of the background.
In July 1950, while Irving Penn photographed the Parisian collections of vogues, he began a series on small trades, a series he will pursue in London and New York. it will be the most important series of his career.
Irving Penn also photographed, still in the studio, many personalities from Woody Allen to Picasso.

Irving Penn was also interested in the nude body, especially the dancers. In 1967, for example, he photographed Anna Halprin's San Francisco's Dancers' Workshop in a performance called The Bath, where, in 1999, he staged four sessions in the environment. stripped of her studio, Alexandra Beller, dancer of the Bill T. Jones Dance Company.

In partnership with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Grand Palais celebrates the centenary of the birth of Irving Penn, through an exhibition from September 21, 2017 to January 29, 2018.

Vogue © Irving Penn

Yves Saint Laurent © Irving Penn

Grace Kelly © Irving Penn

The Bath 1999 © Irving Penn

San Francisco's Dancers' Workshop of Anna Halprin 1967 © Irving Penn

Chestnut, New York, 1951 © Irving Penn

Lisa Fonssagrives, Marrakech, Maroc 1951 © Irving Penn

© Irving Penn

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