News from Photokina 2000

No special news for Nikon in this 50th Photokina

The digital/ silver cohabitation

The trend launched by Nikon to decline a silver SLR (Nikon F100) in a digital version (Nikon D1) is now followed by others brands Canon (D30 and future SLR E30) or Contax (N1 and future SLR N).

No new digital SLR camera announced by Nikon to this Photokina, it is necessary to wait the next PMA to discover, perhaps a new attractive digital SLR camera based on a Nikon F80. Remember that Fuji S1 which is based on Nikon F60 body is not yet available(to 1 September 2000).

 Nikon completes its offer with the coolpix 880 that replaces the coolpix 800, it had a 3,34 Millions of pixels CCD and a 2,5x zoom (4x in digital mode) 8-20mm (equivalent to a 38-95mm in format 35mm). It is available in two colors silver or black.

Note that management of energy and the quick response time have been specially studied by Nikon.


A standardization of SLR cameras.

Since the launching during Photokina 1996 of its flagship: Nikon F5, Nikon has renewed completely its range of silver SLR cameras with the F60, the F80, the F100 and now the Nikon F65.
This camera completes the Nikon F60 too simple bit and resumes contributions of the F100: multi-matrix measurement, large AF captors, shutter until 1/2000 th of second, integrated flash, metallic bayonet.

It is surprising to note that the disposition of buttons in the recent Nikon SLR cameras is the same than Canon SLR cameras, The last - born Nikon F65 has a design very close to the Canon EOS 300.

The wheel of programs is placed at the left of the prism, the LCD screen, very large is placed at the right of the prism and even the name of the machine is detached on an oval as the Canon EOS 300. The silver and black design is identical. Alone the red oval and the name above of the prism indicate that it concerns a Nikon.

This design which is very judicious and efficient is now a standard for the new AF SLR cameras.

It is going to become difficult to make the difference between the different brands.

As for the leaders lens of the brand, they are now proposed in black or clear gray finish that reminds furiously the well-known lens of Canon. Now, to the edge of soccer stages or the tennis court, it will become difficult to determine who are professional equipped in Canon or in Nikon.

Nikkor AFS 300 mm/2,8

Nikkor AFS 400 mm

Nikkor AFS 80~200 mm/2,8


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