News from PMA 2001

Plenty of silver and digital news

This 77th annual PMA (Photo Marketing Association) is located for the first time at Orlando.
Nikon has presented a new silver camera body the Nikon FM3A and two evolution of its numerical camera: Nikon D1x and D1h. Some new objectives and new scanners are also showed.

The unexpected camera body: the Nikon FM3a

The camera body that one did not wait, the Nikon FM3A, successor and substitute of Nikon FM2 and FE2, launched in 1981 and 1982. This new body has an hybrid shutter that allows an automatic exposition with diaphragm priority but can be functioning entirely manual. It possesses the flash TTL flash, received three interchangeable glasses and accepts the readiness motor MD12 (3,3 frames by second).
The new Nikkor lens 45mm/2,8 P, extra-flat with a manual focus completes agreeably this new camera. This lens reminds it also the old lens 45mm/2,8 GN.

Nikon D1x and D1h

Nikon launches two versions in complement, replacement of the Nikon D1 that was sold in 1999. These two cameras resume the design and the look and feel of their predecessor but actualize performances.

The Nikon D1X has a CCD captor of 5,47 Megapixels that allows photographers to obtain from high image resolution in 3,008 x 1,960 pixels or 2,000 x 1,312 pixels.

Color management and the fidelity of colors have been improved. An released version of the software Nikon Capture allows the control of the image in "full 16-bit "and the processing of native RAW files.

The Nikon D1H possesses a CCD captor of 2,74 Megapixels but allows views shooting in rapid sequence (until 40 views to 5 frames/second) as well as a transfer of data and an image processing involved (improvement of the speed of transfer by IEEE1394 and the recording on card CF). This camera is for professionals and photographers of press for who the speed is absolutely essential.


New Nikon scanners

Nikon has announced a new range of film scanners. This range is composed of three models, all has a system of lighting by led matrix and Ice3 digital process with glass lenses.

The Coolscan IV ED offers a rapid and simple connection to a computer PC or Mac by USB port and allows to scan slides and photographic negatives in 24x36 and APS formats with a resolution of 2900 dpi on 12 bits.

The Super Coolscan 4000 ED is built with the same chassis but delivers images on 14 bits by component to 4000 dpi and accepts 24x36 and APS films, as well as with optional adapters, 24x36 films in band (until 40 views) or batches until 50 slides with automatic loader. It authorizes high speeds of scanning raised despite the important data flow to manage for each slide. (Each slide weights approximately 127 Mo in full resolution) and may be connected by the IEEE1394 port.

The SuperCoolscan 8000 ED is a multiformat scanner that allows to scan 6x6 image format as well as 24x36, panoramic, 16mm or medical slats with a resolution of 4000 dpi on 14 bits. It is able to deliver files of more of 700 Mo from one single image.
It may be connected also by IEEE1394.


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