PMA 2004

All companies have now taken the digital bend and propose the digital SLR (mockup Minolta based on Dynax 7D, new Canon EOS 1D Mark II ...) or compact cameras for all public and all market.
For Nikon, any professional digital SLR (Nikon D2X) seems to have to be presented while Canon updates its offer with the Canon EOS 1D Mark II as fast as the Nikon D2H but with a 8 Millions of pixels CCD.

Nikon stand at PMA

Nikon stand at PMA 2004

D70: the mass market digital SLR from Nikon

Nikon D70



zoom AF-S DX 18~70mm


Flash SB600

Pre-announced three months ago, The Nikon D70 is the reply of Nikon to the Canon 300D. It resumes a design close to the D2H and the Sony 6,1 million of pixels CCD of Nikon DX format already used in Nikon D100. The Nikon D70 has a shutter that climbs to 1/8000s with a synchro speed of 1/500s. It has 7 "Vari - program" modes, explanatory menus and the possibility to display 10 or 25 personalized adjustments and has the same matrix color CCD that the Nikon F5. It will be proposed for an aggressive price of 999 $ body only or for 1300 $ in kit with lens..
Announced with the D70, the Nikon AF-S DX 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G IF-ED zoom is the AF-S DX zoom. It means that it is, like all DX lenses, only useable with digital SLR. It is equivalent to 28-105mm zoom in format 35mm.
The speedlight SB 600 completes the offer and allows the FP high-speed synchro with Nikon D2h or D70.

The other news, all digital

Nikon coolpix 8700

Nikon Coolpix 8700

Nikon coolpix 8700

Coolwalker MSV 01

After the Coolpix 2200 and 3200 as entry points and Coolpix 4200 and 5200 for middle market, Nikon completes by the high its offer in digital compact with Coolpix 8700 a bridge camera with a 8 Megapixels CCD and a zoom 8x.
The new CoolWalker MSV 01 is a portable hard and anti - shock disk of 30Go. It is the first accessory of this type for a camera manufacturer. It allows to liberate the space on memory cards by transferring on MSV 01 without needing a computer the content of approximately 10 000 image files of 2Mo. It is possible of view the images stored on the internal screen LCD or on a television.

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