First impressions of the Nikon D70

This web page is not a detailed description of the Nikon D70. Articles on Internet and notably on dpreview or in reviews such that "Chasseur d'Images" or "Réponses Photo" reply to need. It concerns just an experience of a user of Nikon D70. It will be possibly completed according to the usage.
The Nikon D70 is the answer from Nikon to the offensive of the Canon 300D but the superiority of the D70 is flagrant (see table). Nikon foreseens to produce this year 800 000 D70 in its factory of Thaïland.
The following remarks or critics do not have to make forget that globally this camera is exceptional and produced images are very good.

Resolution and formats of storage

If you click on the image of right, you will see the original picture save in jpeg fine. We regret that we can select only NEF (Raw Nikon) alone or RAW with JPEG basic or JPEG basic, normal or fine. In the absence of mode TIFF, a NEF storage with JPEG fine, even if it is greedy in storage would have been very interesting.

RAW images from SONY 6 Megapixel CCD seem to me with less natural and more modified colors than those issued from the Kodak 6 Megapixel CCD of the Kodak DCS 760, notably the flesh and flower color nuances.

Autofocus and exposure

Nothing to tell, all is perfect and AFS lenses are silent and agreeable.

Place de l'Opéra Paris 4 avril 2004

rear control screen

difference between viewfinder and CCD image

The viewfinder

Despite the fact that the view is done through a penta - mirror and not through a pentaprisme, it is agreeable and with no many defects. On the other hand the viewfinder covers approximately 95% of the image. On the marine landscape above, the image has been shoot full screen and red edges indicate the image stored. Viewfinder seems to be centered to high to left and the 6 Megapixels CCD becomes a 5,5. Constricting but not fatal. It is always possible to modify it with a software like Photoshop.

The rear Control LCD

It is not possible to visualize the image on the screen defers during the photograph, as that was possible on the Olympus E10. In any way a SLR is do to be used with the viewfinder. The visualization on the rear control screen is agreeable with a magnifying loop function dimension with histogram in superimposition. etc.
Some problem, it is already difficult in the absence of grip handle or second release to shoot vertically but the image being able to be oriented automatically, it is reduced (cf. above) like a vignette on the rear screen. To prevent that, it is necessary to setup Rotation on "Yes" for the shooting and "NO" for visualization.

MS-D70 for CR2 batteries, EN-EL3 and replacement batteries

D70 power

The power is insured by the same battery that theD100, theEN-EL3. Nikon in three years has created 5 battery types and there is therefore a risk that the former no longer are available in some years. The EN-EL3 seems anticipated for the amateurs DSLR, the D2H inaugurates the EN-EL5 battery. All these batteries, except for that the Nikon D1, are Ion-Lithium technology and may be recharged at any time.
Nikon announces a great autonomy, 500 to 2000 photographs by charge. The first tests seem confirmed this. This battery is expensive enough 90 $ and can be replaced by batteries without mark 27 $ on Internet but without guarantee from Nikon. For the anxious and to the long travel, the Nikon D70 accepts CR2 piles via an adapter for three piles.

Motor cadences

My Nikon+D70 does not reach 3 frames by second announced by Nikon but it is very near with 77 jpeg images in 30 seconds or 155 basic jpeg in 1 minute. It is better that a Nikon F5 at 8 frames/second because all 36 views, it is necessary to rewind and change the film.

Photographs with flash

With the flash SB-800, results are perfect, including and especially with wireless I-TTL flash possibilities. Once you have found in the documentation of the Nikon D70, that it is necessary to set up the SB-800 (or SB-600) on A group 3, whole happens in transparent way.
The fact to be able to visualize instantaneously the result, allows to modify the image and to rework it until the optimum result. Fantastic!

The mystery of supplementary contacts

By looking on the new zoom AFS 18 - 70 mm, and some other AFS lenses as the 24-120 VR, We may notice many contacts (10) much more than other AF lenses that possess only 5 and that all cameras, including the D70, are not able to manage more than 6 or 8.
We may suppose that these contacts are anticipated for future cameras bodies. Today I have no reply to this enigma.

contacts objectifs Nikon


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