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Among contemporary photographers that I like I may give the names of Diane Arbus, Jean Loup Sieff, Lartigue, David Hamilton, Mary Ellen Mark, Henry Cartier-Bresson, Salgado and many others. Nevertheless two photographers are today my preferred. One of them is Lauren Greenfield.

Lauren Greenfield
American photographer and

Lauren Greenfield grew up in Venice, California and graduated from Harvard in 1987. Her photographs have been published widely in the New York Times Magazine, the New Yorker, Harper's Bazaar, Harper's, Time, Life, National Geographic, Stern, American Photo and the London Sunday Times Magazine...

Her first book, "Fast Forward: Growing Up in the Shadow of Hollywood" became quickly a best-selling photography book (Knopf, 1997). Her second book entitled "Girl Culture" (Chronicle Books, Winter, 2002) is also exceptional. Lauren Greenfield belongs to the staff of the VII Agency until 2008 and realises many photographic works.
In 2006 she directed a film entitled "Thin" and published an accompanying book with the same title. This documentary film about anorexia was selected and nominated in several festivals.
In 2007, she directed a new film entitled "kids + money".
In January 2012, Greenfield was awarded the Sundance Film Festival Directing Award, US Documentary 2012 for her feature documentary film, The Queen of Versailles.
In 2017, she publishes a book on ultra-rich people: "Generation Wealth", fruit of his work over 25 years. The book becomes a film in 2018 produced by Amazon Prime Video.

Fast Forward 1997 © Lauren Greenfield

Fast Forward 1997 © Lauren Greenfield

© Lauren Greenfield

© Lauren Greenfield

© Lauren Greenfield

© Lauren Greenfield

Kris 2005 © Lauren Greenfield

Monaco 2013 © Lauren Greenfield

Queen of versailles © Lauren Greenfield

Xue Qiwen, 43, Shanghai © Lauren Greenfield

Jackie and her dogs, Florida © Lauren Greenfield

Iona and her daughter, Moscowa © Lauren Greenfield


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