Nikon SP20, Coolpix 360 and other amusing items

Nikon SP20 Prototype

 Nikon SP20


On the Dutch site of Hans Braakhuis , some photographs of a prototype Nikon SP20 of 1990 very interesting.
It is a prototype of a camera with autofocus and built-in motor but especially with interchangeable lenses. The camera is in steel and particularly elegant.
The zoom lens is a 24~80/f2,8~4.
This camera is a mock-up of APS camera, The APS was initiated in 1991 by Kodak, Fuji, Minolta, Canon and Nikon and launched in Spring 1996.
The optic viewfinder would have enslaved to the zoom (?). The expected bayonet for these lensess seems not to be the bayonet F, more reduced format and no AI cursor visible.

If you have more information on this camera, do not hesitate to contact me

Coolpix 360 Prototype

May 27, 2007, the Gizmodo site presented a prototype of digital compact called Coolpix 360. It is a conceptual design of camera drawn by Ye Chen, and this project is not officially associated with Nikon.
It is an interesting concept. Rather than to have to create your own panoramic photographs, this camera makes it for you automatically. It has a cylinder lens which turns and takes a photograph on 360 degrées.

Nikon amusing lenses

Nikon sold in Japan, only for a limited time in 1996, a set of four optics that can be combined to create a 20mm/f8 Fish-eye, a 120mm/f4.5, a Soft Focus 90mm/4,8 or a 400mm/F8. This kit was bought in a nice box with japanese instructions and decals. It was a limited offer.
In Switzerland, I have seen these four optics included in a kit with a Nikon SLR.

pierre j.

The SP20 images are shown with authoriztion of Hans Braakhuis
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