PMA 2005

Canon Digital Rebel XT

Today photography is synonymous of digital. The market is one the most dynamic with cellular phone market.
Companies have now complete ranges and propose marketing declinations or others. The Canon 300D initially proposed in silver is now available in black while the Pentax *stDS is now available in silver. It is difficult to count variants and number of digital compact cameras.
Canon completes its range with a very beautiful Canon 20Da camera dedicated to infrared photography. a "niche" product.
Canon presents also its new best-seller the Canon Digital Rebel XT lighter and facter than digital rebel with a new CMOS sensor of 8 megapixels and 3 frames/second.
Nikon upgrades its Nikon D2Hs which has now new functions inherited from D2X (rear screen of 235 000 pixels, Wifi g, USB 2 ...) and allows to take 50 consecutive views in jpeg, 40 in RAW, at 8 frames/seconds.

Five new Nikon digital cameras

Nikon Coolpix 4600

coolpix 4600

Nikon Coolpix 5600
small rear screen of coolpix 5600

coolpix waterproof case

optional waterproof case

At the PMA 2005 Nikon completes its offer with five new cameras which have in common a 3x optical zoom, SD card and optional waterproof case:
The Coolpix 4600 and the Coolpix 5600 are entry level cameras with 4 and 5.1 millionpixels CCD for 250 and 320 $ with a 34-105 mm (35 mm equiv) 3x optical zoom open to F 2.8 - 4.9 and a video mode.

The three other coolpox have a unique new feature which was developed in conjunction with Identix and their FaceIt technology : autofous automatically detects a personís face at typical portrait and focus on it.

Nikon Coolpix 7600

coolpix 7600 bi-color

finder of 7600 with Nikon face AF system

Nikon Coolpix 5900

coolpix 5900

Nikon Coolpix 7900

coolpix 7900 bi-color

The Coolpix 7600, smaller, has a 7.1 millionpixels CCD 1/1.8", an 3x optical zoom (equiv 38-114 mm/2.8~4.8). It is available in silver or black. The Coolpix 5900 and Coolpix 7900, are also compact, they have respectively 1/1.8" CCD of 5.1 or 7.1 millionpixels, the same 3x optical zoom (equiv 38-114 mm/2.8~4.8) and a large 2" rear screen. The 5900 is only available on silver and the 7900 in black or silver. Optional waterproof cases are also available.


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