The Nikon D200


Nikon presented the le 1st November the Nikon D200, camera for expert and professional photographers.

This model is designed with a traditional but modern drawing with a style like Nikon F100. This camera enters directly in competition with the Canon 5D.
The heart of D200 is an APS-C CCD of 10,2 million pixels manufactured by SONY. Nikon thus confirms that it will propose only sensors APS-C for all its numerical reflex cameras. This choice of a CCD sensor instead of a CMOS is the alone point non-professional in the D200 and the true limitation.
Among these principal characteristics:

  • 11 area autofocus with the by the Multi-CAM2000 module covering 75% the image,
  • Durable Magnesium Alloy light and compact body, which reinforces the comparison between F100 and D200 with orientation sensor and with some environmental protection,
  • Fast 5 FPS continuous shooting
  • Shutter unit tested over 100 000 cycles
  • Uses a new EN-EL3e rechargeable lithium-ion battery with fuel gauge function that can capture approximately 1,800 shots per charge.
  • Possibility to use old AI-S lenses: a satisfaction for old Nikon users, in practice not useable except for some lenses as the micro Nikkor 55mm/2,8 that becomes an interesting macro 80mm with D200.
  • Built-in flash with mode i-TTL, wireless, with the flash Nikon SB-600 andSB-800,
  • 2,5 inch LCD monitor of 210 0000 pixels with Ultra-Wide viewing angle.
  • Optional new battery pack / vertical grip MB-D200 that has buttons for shutter release and AF start. This battery compartment can support two EN-EL3e batteries or six AA's via the provided MS-D200 cartridge.
  • New optional Wireless Transmitter WT-3 that provides wireless functionality with IEEE 802.11b/g technology. It will be available in 2006

New zoom 18~200 mm DX and macro speedlight flash.

At the same time as D200, Nikon offers a competitor for the zoom Sigma, this Nikkor zoom will be sold in kit with D200. This zoom has an aperture of 3.5-5.6 and it is a AF-S VR DX G ED zoom that means:

  • AF-S: Silent Wave motor, like USM Canon, silent and fast, allows a last manual focus of the autofocus point.
  • VR: Vibration Reduction, anti-shake by lens vibration.
  • DX: only for the APS-C CCD cameras, coefficient of multiplication 1.5, the 18~200 mm is equivalent to a 27~300 mm in format 24X36.
  • G: lens without ring of diaphragm, cannot be used on the silver reflex cameras before the F5 except in program mode.
  • ED: lens with special glass.
To the delivery of the first cameras next December, the price of Nikon D200 should be 1750 $ for body only and 2500 in kit with the zoom 18~200 mm.

Nikon offers now a complete wireless macro system that replaces the old SB-29 speedlight.
It is composed of the new remote Speedlight SB-R200 and command unit SU-800 (for the cameras without built-in flash). Aimed primarily at close-up and macro photography these units combine to make a wireless flash system, the SU-800 commander unit or buit-in flash of D200 can be combined with SB-R200 Speedlight (or other compatible Speedlights) in up to three groups. These components are sold separately but also as a macro kit that includes one command unit and two SB-R200 speedlights.

zoom AFS VR DX 18~200 mm

D200 with wireless transmitter SU-800 and two macro SB-R200 flashs

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