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Among contemporary photographers that I like I may give the names of Diane Arbus, Jean Loup Sieff, Lartigue, David Hamilton, Mary Ellen Mark, Henry Cartier-Bresson, Salgado and many others. Nevertheless two photographers are today my preferred. One of them is Raymond Depardon.

Raymond Depardon
French photographer and

Born in 1942, it makes its first photographs in the farm of its parents. It came to Paris in 1956, works as "paparazzi" for the agency Delmas. It covers the war of Algeria and founded the "Gamma" agency (1967-78) with Gilles Caron. To the death of this one in Vietnam, it renounces temporarily to the journalism photograph. In 1971, it returns to world reporting and receives the price Robert Capa for a book on Chile.
It works a lot to Tchad, then becomes photographer to Magnum since 1978, it has realized many films whose furthermore documentary movies: "Numéro zéro" (Price Georges Sadoul), "Reporter" (César of the best documentary), "Faits divers", fiction movies: "A woman in Africa" (official Selection to the Festival of Cannes), "Captive in the desert" and publishes books of photography ("Correspondance new-yorkaise", "San Clemente", "Errances"...).
In 1981, during the time of a Summer, Raymond Depardon has sent a daily photograph of USA with a text from Alain Bergala describing its feelings. This "Correspondance new-yorkaise" has modified my manner to apprehend the photography.

Harlem 1981 © Raymond Depardon

New-York's correspondence 1981 © Raymond Depardon

USA 1960 © Raymond Depardon

Africa © Raymond Depardon

San Clemente 1977 © Raymond Depardon

Africa © Raymond Depardon


Raymond Depardon takes also color photographies besides his black and white work.
In continuation of a photographic mission for the Datar in the 1980s, he traveled alone in France and spent a year to shooting with two large format21 view cameras. He also produces works on the peasantry. In 2012, He makes the official portrait of the President of the French Republic, François Hollande.
In Paris in 2011, the exhibition "La France de Raymond Depardon" in Bibliothèque François Mitterand is followed in early 2014 by an large exhibition at the Grand Palais : "Un moment si doux".

Edith Piaf 1958 © Raymond Depardon

Marcel Privat 2007 © Raymond Depardon

France 2004-2010 © Raymond Depardon

On the road of La Paz - Bolivia 2005 © Raymond Depardon

In 2017, the newspaper Libération offers to Raymond Depardon to resume his New York correspondence with color prints with a photographic chamber. This work gave rise to an exhibition at Paris.

new New-York's correspondence 2017 © Raymond Depardon

new New-York's correspondence 2017 © Raymond Depardon


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