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After the failure of Nikon Series 1 and KeyMissions and the abandonment of DL compacts, Nikon had to react to a changing photo market. While Nikon and Canon remain the leaders in the DSLR (mirror chamber) market, this market is declining in favor of mirrorless interchangeable cameras, a market where Olympus and Sony are very active.

Nikon seems to decide to offer one or two mirror-less cameras with a new mount, called Z, which has an outer diameter DE of 49 mm and a focus-film distance DFF of 16 mm. For comparison the Nikon F mount has a DE of 44 mm and a DFF of 46.5 mm and the Sony E mount has a DE of 46.1 mm and a DFF of 18 mm. the photos from the video presented by Nikon on July 23 indicate an outer diameter DE of 65 mm.

The Website Nikonrumors indicates that the new lenses could have an aperture of f/0.95 for NOCT lenses. Three lenses would be available at launch: 24-70mm f/4, 35mm and 50mm.
Nikon will launch two cameras including a Full Frame. An adapter that accepts all Nikkor F mount lenses would also be available.

The first camera would have a BSI sensor of 45 million pixels and would be proposed at 4000 € in kit with a 24-70mm zoom.
It should have an internal stabilization on 5-axis, a shooting mode of 9 fps, an electronic viewfinder with 3.6 Mps, a tiltable rear LCD screen, a second LCD screen on the top of the camera, 4K advanced video features including a high-performance autofocus with over 400 AF points, slots for XQD and CF Express memories cards, dimensions close to the Sony Alpha 7 with better ergonomics and a better grip, most likely no built-in flash.. It will be presented the August 23 th 2018.

The second camera would have a sensor of 24,45 million pixels(APS-C?) and would be proposed to 2500 € in kit. It could be proposed later.

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