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In 1998, we wondered in the first bulletin about the future Nikon camera, One year after, Nikon has launched a new camera: the Nikon F100.

This new camera shows
impressive technical characteristics, but its price is to the height of its performances.
The Nikon F100 has a design like the F5 but loses the colorimeter and measurement system of its elder. It has also a reduced motor speed: 5 frames/s with booster and has an internal structure nearer of F90X body as F5. It doesnít have an all weather protection. This camera has a magnesium body, a perfect look and feel and was from 1999 the camera of rich amateur or pro photographs. For a price of 1800 $ functionality are just like these of F5 sold 3000 $. The success of F100 on the Canon EOS 3 is complete.
The Nikon F80, appeared in 2000, offers a lot of functionality for a price split by two: 650 $ but donít modify the sales of F100 with its perfect finishing and its magnesium body.

Nikon F100 with 20mm

Nikon F5 and F100

The future of Nikon F100 and of other cameras

The Nikon F100 has its place inside the Nikon brand. It was directly used to design the first digital SLR: the Nikon D1.
It is the success of digital cameras that may be fatal for the F100 (and also for F5). From 2002, the pro photographs used quickly digital and desert pro cameras. Nikon F5 and Nikon F100 sales become marginal. The Nikon F80 has also difficulty to be sold.
With the launch of digital SLR reasonably priced: Nikon D100 and now Nikon D70 and Canon EOS 300D, the general publicís request evolves toward digital and is fatal for pro and semipro cameras. Even if Nikon proposes a new pro body, the Nikon F6? at the Fotokina 2004, it will have no place in the Nikon camera set for another pro or semipro body. The Nikon F100 risks to be the last of its lineage.

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Technical characteristics

Nikon Command Dial System
Five-area AF system with the fastest Autofocus
New Super-imposed red LED over selected focus area on B and E Screens
New 10-segment Matrix sensor
Dedicated accessories (given back, battery pack, focusing screens, PC link)


TTl system to contrast of phase with module Nikon sensor fines-cAcM 1300.
Field of survey from -1 Ev to 19 Ev (with film 100 iso).
Systems of putting to single fire AF - continuous AF - Manual - Autofocus tracking automatic rifle in AF-S and AF-C


New sensor matrix to 10 segments
Three arrange of exposure matrix - spot - semi-spot


P, S, A, and Manuel


Sensor flash with 5 segments
Fill-flash with balance to multiple sensor 3d

Other characteristics

View-finder with cover of 96%
Advance of the film to single, continue until 4,5 fr/s (5 fps with MB15), timer and multi-exposure
Dimensions: 155 x 113 x 65.5mm, weight: 780g (without batteries)
2 customizable functions

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