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Sony Vision S concept-car

At CES, Sony surprises everybody by unveiling an electric car: the Sony Vision-S concept, designed in partnership with other specialists like Magna, Benteler, Bosch, NVIDIA, Continental, Qualcomm or BlackBerry. This concept car is 100% electric and equipped with many advanced technologies. It therefore has no less than 33 sensors allowing access to an advanced form of autonomous driving and driver assistance.

Samsung has for its part developed an artificial intelligence and presents robots capable of reproducing the emotions and the gestures of human beings: the Samsung Bot Care is able to manage daily health, by checking many signs such as tension blood pressure and heart rate, the Bot Air, equipped with a sensor to detect pollution peaks and purify the air; the Bot Retail developed to personalize the store experience to simplify orders and pay, and finally the Bot Gems, a sort of exoskeleton, which helps users to walk and improve mobility.

Samsung's Bot(s)

In the stands of CES, many companies present robots of all kinds but especially WiFi 6 and 5G are becoming widespread, which allows manufacturers to offer new equipment from routers to phones.
At last, a Breton company presents a desk lamp, the Lexilight to help dyslexic people to decode writing.

Full Format «24x36»

Canon 1Dx Mrk III

Canon 1Dx Mrk III

Nikon D780

Nikon D780

Nikon D66

Nikon D6

In the photo, the new features for hybrid cameras are marking time and this year concern digital SLR cameras.

The Canon D1x Mark III presented in January includes a 20.1 million pixel CMOS sensor, a DIGIC X processor, an sensitivity from 100 to 02.400 IDOS (extendable up to 50-819.200 ISO), an improved autofocus with Deep Learning on 191 AF points, the possibility of continuous shooting at 16 fps with viewfinder or at 20 fps. in Live View mode (view on the rear screen), built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, two CFexpress card slots, an 4K video mode mode oversampled with Canon Log and RAW 5.5K video sequences, a CMOS autofocus Dual Pixel with focus marking, digital video image stabilizer and integrated GPS.
The Canon is proposed at a price of $ 6,500 in body only (February 2020), the Tokyo Olympics next July should see it at work ... and perhaps opposed to the Nikon D6.

The Nikon D780, presented in January 2020, replaces the D750 and becomes the new Nikon entry point for Nikon full-frame DSLR.
Nikon tries with this model to take the best functions of the two worlds: DSLR and mirorless cameras. The autofocus in video becomes for the first time very convincing for a Nikon SLR.
This new camera incorporates the backlit 24.50 Megapixel (35.9mm x 23.9mm) full-format (FX) sensor with low-pass filter from the Nikon Z6.
For autofocus, Nikon indicates an hybrid autofocus. In reflex view, the associated AF module is the D750 Multi-CAM 3500 II, sensitive up to -3 EV, with 51 collimators including 15 in cross and 11 compatible f/8 and a RGBB sensor of 91,000 pixels it is associated with the D5 algorithm, For Live View, the D780 also uses the AF module of the Z6 with 273 points and detection at -4 Il (-6 Il in low light AF mode). It has an Expeed 6 processor, a sensitivity range of ISO 100 (50 in extended) and climbs to ISO 51,200 (204,800 in extended), a shutter up to 1/8000 th of a second (1/4000 for the D750) , a burst rate of 7 your in reflex view and 12 frames per second in Live View (with silent mode possible), a 4K and Full HD video mode at 24, 25 and 30 frames/second without cropping on 10 bits 4.2.2, a video mode in HDR HLG format, two SD UHS II cards slots, built-in WiFi and BlueTooth modules, a tilt-sensitive rear touch screen. It no longer has an integrated flash or additional grip. It is powered by an EN-EL15b battery.
The D780 is proposed at the price of $ 2,299.95 body only (February 2020).

The Nikon D6, announced in September 2018 and presented behind a window at CES, should have a new Nikon CMOS IBIS full-size 24 million pixel stabilized sensor, improved version of the Z system. The D6 should also have also a 4K 60p video recording mode, a longer manual exposure time: 1/8000 to 120 seconds (as in the Nikon D810A), a silent shooting mode, a slot for two CFExpress cards, an optical viewfinder 100% magnification 0.76-0.78, two new Expeed processors, a 3.2 "touchscreen, an integrated WI-Fi module, an improved dynamic range, an improved AF system with the same number of AF points, third-party applications will also be available but they will probably be launched after exit from the camera.
No price or availability date is given for the moment, but the Canon 1dx Mark III available, it will be surprising to see Nikon being absent from the Japanese Olympics.


Instant360 one R

Instant360 one R

The instant360 One R is a camera composed of a set of basic module with integrated miniature touch screen and a battery that can be combined with one of the following three cameras/lenses:

- A 360-degree camera that records at 5.7K resolution,
- An action camera with 16.4mm lens that can record 4K footage at 60 frames per second and 1080p video up to 200 frames per second .
- A wide angle camera with 1 inch sensor and 14.4 mm focal length, developed with Leica, which records 5.3K images at 30 frames per second, 4K at 60 frames per second or 1080p at 120 frames per second.

The three modules allow Raw format and FlowState stabilization of Insta360 and H.265 video encoding. one of the combos is fully waterproof up to 5 m.

CP+2020 is canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak

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